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DJ Mike

 The Cuban Night Festival, the exotic beach in the center of Žilina, the bar in Tatranska Lomnica, or the stylish Cuban cocktail bar, this is just a small part of the countless performances of this DJ, which will bring to your party an experience and indelible energy. During his acting he performed with artists such as Čistychov, Mišo Biely, Eusebio Nicolas Mena, Team Cuba, Mário Lopéz …  


  • Festivals: Cuban Night
  • Discos: Lážo Plážo by Hurricane (OC Miráž), Humno Tatry, Unique Club (Bratislava), The Club Bratislava, Hurricane bar (Čadca), Havana Music Club (Považská Bystrica), Nosorožec (Žilina)
  • Weddings: Holiday Inn, Villa Nečas (Žilina), Hotel Diplomat (Rajecké Teplice), Tatra Inn (Čadca), Atrium (Považská Bystrica)
  • Corporate actions: AVON, Allianz – Slovenská poisťovňa
  • Balls: mesto Čadca, KDH, Hurricane party s.r.o.


  • DJ SVADBA The complex security of the music and light of the wedding at a professional level. Introductory welcome guests, young married dance, dance bikes and competitions.
  • DJ DISKOTÉKA – complex disco and party security. DJ Mike disco professionally plays and demodulates.
  • DJ STUŽKOVÁ – providing professional and musical aspects of the music and light of the ribbon festivities (onset, official part, dance bikes). The rich music archive will satisfy the needs of all age groups (students, teachers, parents).
  • DJ FIREMNÁ AKCIA – professional DJ for corporate action professionally sound and lighting the hall, providing quality wireless microphones. Event takes place and demodulates at a professional level. </ Li>
  • DJ PLES – professional DJ for professional sound and lighting, delivers quality wireless microphones. The event is played and re-engineered at a professional level.

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