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Fire show

  Fire Show, or Fire Shuffle is a breathtaking dance with the fire that it requires from a rising summit. It is one of the most popular shows at all and will give every event, ball, wedding or festival a unique unforgettable atmosphere, adrenaline and amazement. This performance is appropriate in almost any condition. For more information, please contact us.  

A breathtaking dance with fire, great dancers and especially a visual show with fire. Do you want your guests to boil? Then fire is the right thing you need.


  • The Fire Show Discotheque will give each discotheque and party a completely different dimension
  • The Fire Fire show Wedding gives each wedding an unforgettable experience, the wedding will remain enchanted
  • Fire Fire show Ball Every ball gets a completely different dimension, people will talk about it
  • Fire Fire Show Business Party , Event </ b> bring your people an unforgettable experience

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