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Folk ensemble Jedľovina was founded in 1957 in order to preserve for the next generations the folk songs and dances tradition, which for centuries created not only the people of Kysuce. Speeches, dances and music draws from various parts of Slovakia: Kysuce, Liptov, Horehronie, Gemer, Podpoľanie, Zámutov, Myjava … For folklore production and representation folk ensemble has received several awards. It currently consists of a dance ensemble, folk music and a female singing group. In his ranks, students, teachers, doctors, and other enthusiasts dancing, playing and singing, who have enchanted the beauty and richness of Slovak folk art, dance and sing. The ensemble consists of people for whom folk dancing, singing and music have become a hobby and trying to present it at a high level not only in Slovakia but also in the neighboring Czech Republic, Poland and other foreign countries. Various domestic and international festivals (Czech Republic, Poland, France, Italy, …), weddings, ribbons, celebrations, fairs and other social events were the occasion. 


  • Festivals in Bohemia, Poland, France, Italy and Slovakia
  • Weddings all over Slovakia
  • Balls and celebrations
  • Hammocks and city days


  • A folk ensemble for a wedding, a ball or a celebration
  • Folklore ensemble on the fairgrounds and city days
  • Folk ensemble bridal bridal (bridal bride)
  • Folklore ensemble offers its own dance and singing program

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