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Photographer Martin

Creatively capture moments and emotions so that all the unforgettable experiences remain preserved in the photo for future memories, and one can relish them again. Martin acts as a photographer for many businesses, artists, and wedding couples.   

NThough it does not blame experiences like photography. We offer professional photographers and cameramen services. It is not the art to take action, but to capture the experience. Are you looking for cameramen for discos, weddings, balls? Cameraman Patrik has had several successful projects behind him. Photographer Martin Taken a lot of events and events as Polemic, raper Ega, Suverena and many other artists. Do not rely on friends with the camera. Order professional photographers to unleash unforgettable experiences.


  • My newspaper
  • Advertising photos Žilina University
  • Events and events – Polemic Ego, Suvereno, Armstrong, Team Cuba…
  • Dental ambulance portrait and product photos Petramed s.r.o.
  • Beverage photo product photo Hurricane bar
  • Other: photography of interiors and products for well-known hotels, restaurants and companies, Valentine’s Day ball, famous political party ball, wedding portraits Budatínsky park, Bojnice Castle, Sobášny Palace in Bytča, Oščadnica Mansion, fashion models for promotional campaigns


  • Photographer at Disco, party capturing people, details, atmosphere, emotions and the whole party
  • Photographer at Wedding wedding portraits, weddings, preparations, emotions, ceremony, fun
  • Photographer on Stuck, Balls preparation photos, details, people, official part and entertainment
  • Photographer at Corporate parties, People’s photos, atmospheres, details, food, products, competitions and the whole process
  • Product photography Martin has a wealth of experience in the production of products of Gastronomy, Products and Services (rich experience in serving food, cocktails, clothing, products, store interiors, companies, hotels …)
  • Advertising photography for various purposes

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